Joy Isn’t Something That Just Happens

Kris Bedenian
Dec 14, 2021
Photo of Christmas ornaments with the word Joy on one of them.
Photo by Sean Wells on Unsplash

“You have to create little pockets of joy in your life to take care of yourself.”

– Jonathan Van Ness

When is a time you felt pure joy?

Whenever we feel let down because of our life circumstances, we must remember that it’s in our power to change things.

We must seek places or things where joy is still possible by taking action:

  • Appreciate the small stuff
  • Make self-care part of your ways
  • Surround yourself with encouraging people

Joy comes to those who seek it by making the right moves. How might you do just that?

I must share this story written by pockett dessert. It’s joy producing and heart touching at the same time:



Kris Bedenian

I’m a writer who has journaled for 26 years. My battle with breast cancer has given me a new perspective on life. Writing is a way for me to give back.