A haiku

Kris Bedenian
2 min readJan 3, 2022


Unique dawn emerged
every day is a clean slate
time, a precious gift

Just like the new year is dawning, let our goals continue to develop or come into existence.

Whether you have chosen a new goal or decided to maintain your current goals, let the newness of this year follow you daily.

Keeping things new is motivating. Might you try to keep the spark of newness throughout this year by trying new things?

Here’s why new things are motivating:

  • Trying something new helps us to spice up our routines. It stimulates us not only intellectually, but also physically and emotionally.
  • Trying something new changes our perspective; we begin to see things differently. This allows us to see all the new possibilities.
  • Trying something new challenges us. We thrive on the excitement, and we feel great as we begin to put these new goals into practice.
  • Trying new things, even those we might be afraid of, helps us step outside of our comfort zones. It helps us to feel, see, and recognize opportunities.

Maintaining a habit of seeking new things helps us grow. It helps us to be more open. It allows us to open up to new experiences and new possibilities.

It’s your time to shine. So, what is something new you might try? Are you filled with passion and excitement?



Kris Bedenian

I’m a writer who has journaled for 25 years. My battle with breast cancer has given me a new perspective on life. Writing is a way for me to give back.